Rabu, 10 September 2014

Essential Information About Celtic Tattoo Designs

There's no denying that Celtic tattoo designs can make very eye-catching and head-turning tattoos for both genders. Various Celtic symbols have become desired body art and have an endless possibilities of use, depending on one's desire.

One good thing about Celtic designs is that they're very simple yet beautiful and can give rise to more impressive tattoo designs or images. The Celtic knotwork is the most basic of these designs and is the core of the Celtic artwork. Intertwining in a continuous spiral, the Celtic knots are considered symbol of infinity. Celtic knots design itself makes great tattoo design but it can also made into other tattoo designs such as Celtic crosses, an outline or addition to other designs.
Essential Information About Celtic Tattoo Designs
Essential Information About Celtic Tattoo Designs

Just the same, Celtic crosses are also sought-after tattoos. Predating a Christianity symbol, the Celtic Cross has other meanings: As the Celtic cross have equal vertical and horizontal arms, it is likewise known as the equal-armed cross which represents balance between extreme forces. Of course, the Celtic cross is still a favorite Christian symbol.

Another Celtic symbol that is popular as a tattoo design is the Spirals. The triskele, a particular spiral that goes back to thousand of years even before the Celts, was discovered in the British Isles.It has a tribal type design and is definitely an eye-catching tattoo design.

Zoomorphic, animal images, are another type of Celtic designs which are just as famous as the previously mentioned.These designs of birds, lions, serpents, dragons and other animals drawn in a Celtic way definitely provide a beautiful sight once etched on the skin. can include birds, lions, serpents, dragons or other animals. In the medieval book of Kells that kept record of classic Celtic arts, these animal images can be found and in fact are used as an inspiration of modern Celtic style tattoos.

Celtic tattoos blend well specifically with striking colors, which can be anything from the traditional green (at least traditional to Ireland) to blues, reds and any color pairing your mind can come up with. If one decides to have a bright Celtic knotwork in any part of his body, but better on the arm, he will be surely a walking piece of art.

Are Celtic tattoos really genuine? Some people can't help wondering. This can actually be a valid question since there is no proof that the ancient Celts actually had tattoos. No one knows if they actually painted themselves in battles contrary to the natives of the South Pacific where people had to go through the excruciating process of getting a permanent tattoo. In the case of the Celts, no one really knows! Nonetheless, this does not refute the fact that the designs people use today to make Celtic tattoos are traditional to the Celtic domains. The way we use them now may be different from the way they were used in the past but that's not really an issue for cultural practices and symbols evolve with the changing of time.